Who we are

KM Technologies LLC was founded with the purpose to provide a service that is unparallel to anything else in the market of web development. To accomplish that, Konstantinos Margaritis owner of KM Technologies, has extensive education in Computer Science and Business Administration as well as more than 15 years of experience in the field of web development and consulting. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer science and business administration from the American College of Greece (Deree) and a master in computer science from New York University (Courant). Over the years he has come across many challenges that have helped him learn and adapt to the needs of the market and form strong partnerships that share his vision. Nikos Vassilakis, a long-term partner, has an extensive background and experience in computer science, server administration and database administration. He has graduated from the technical school of Athens as a Programmer Analyst, holds a degree in Multimedia programming from Korelko and has the CompTIA A+ certificate. As a team they strive to provide the best service to their clients along with professional know-how, technical expertise and an overall interest in their concerns. To complement their strong technical, programming and consulting skills, they are collaborating with experienced web designers to accommodate such needs as they arise. They have worked on various web development platforms such us Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop but they are experts at WordPress as it is the leading platform in the market. They are also experts in Google Analytics, Reports and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as those skills are necessary for a complete and well around website. Moreover, they have provided support for the SugarCRM, Salesforce and ZOHO platform and implemented solutions using SugarCRM (open source CRM) and ZOHO (could software suite and SaaS applications). Additionally, they are experienced in Mailchimp and SendGrid, Social media and live streaming.

What we do

We have developed solutions to cover the needs of an e-shop, film festival, restaurant, cultural foundation, business foundation, church. Some of the organizations for which we have provided our services are: Onassis Foundation USA, Onassis Cultural Foundation, New York City Greek Film Festival, East Mediterranean Business Culture Alliance, Hellenic Film Society USA, bZGrill, Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce, Zoodohos Peghe, Spick and Span, Zealots and more.

Offering the service of web development/design & consulting fills us with great joy as it is a job that gives us the opportunity to help people and businesses promote their services/products through internet. Our intent is to form relationships with our clients and ensure the smooth operation of their platform.

Offering the service of web development to us means:

  • Listening and comprehending the needs of our clients.
  • Providing an offer that is reasonable and satisfies those needs.
  • Delivering what we have promised to our client in time.
  • Support the final product. Even if the client opts for an inhouse support, we will be there to solve any issues that may arise.

Web Development & Design

With more than 10 years of experience in WordPress, we can create custom websites that can satisfy every need. We have chosen to specialize in WordPress as it is the leading platform in the market for many years. Being as such, it brings together in the best possible way the two main ingredients necessary in the web development business:

  • Ease of use, which lowers the costs of a web development project and provides the option for inhouse maintenance.
  • Expandability, which gives the developer the freedom to create.

Being well adapted with WordPress also requires the knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML and CSS, a knowledge that we have cultivated and mastered over the years and support with extensive studies in programming.

With the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years, we are capable of developing/migrating and designing websites to cover the entire business spectrum, from a simple website suited to cover the basic needs of an individual to a website covering the numerous needs of an organization/company.

SEO & Analytics

While having a presentable, well organized and easy to use website covers the needs of many, this is not enough when you need to reach out and make your website accessible and known to a target group or perhaps a combination of target groups. For this reason, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used to highlight the key features of the service(s)/product(s) you offer through your website. With SEO, search engines like Google and Bing can gather essential information that can help them have your website in top search results.

SEO comes in 2 flavors:

  • Basic, where the website is listed on the search engines directory with the basic information to make said website come up first on queries relative to its name.
  • Advanced, where keywords/focus words and Google AdWords are used to enable the search engines to produce the website in top results based on those words. Moreover, with Facebook campaigns we increase the online presence of your website.

All these sounds neat but how do you actually know if any of these do work. This is where Google analytics is used to provide with all the tools you need to analyze the traffic on your website. Google Analytics and any other analytics platform works best if SEO is already employed on a website. It makes sense, since by using SEO you give Analytics more options to analyze the traffic on your website.

SEO and Analytics have become a business on their own as the benefits of using those two technologies efficiently and effectively can be immense. In our humble opinion every website should employ at least the basic features of both technologies. It is not necessary for everyone to delve into the numerous options and possibilities behind those two technologies, but it is essential to those who need to reach out and make their service/product/campaign accessible to a large audience.

CRM, Statistics/Metrics

Through our interaction with our clients, we have realized that sometimes having a website with SEO & analytics is not enough. There is also the need for detailed statistics/metrics in order to manage and analyze the effectiveness of your business. You may also need to have a system to manage your customers (CRM), a system with all the relevant information that will allow you to be more effective and responsive.

The power of statistics/metrics is their visual aspect. Having data presented in a meaningful and visual way, gives you the ability to comprehend said data and take decisions that help your business/service in an effective and efficient way. At the same time, statistics/metrics give you a clear view of your customers satisfaction, which in turn gives you the ability to react when necessary. Of course, statistics/metrics on their own can be a headache when they are not created by professionals who can understand your needs and thus you end up with statistics/metrics that are misleading, confusing and sometimes unnecessary.

The power of a CRM is having all the information related to your customers in one place. A CRM is more like a customer’s history, besides their contact information you can record all their transactions with your business. You can also keep a record of potential customers, people who have showed interest in your business but have not yet become regular customers. Equipped with this knowledge, you can create campaigns to attract potential customers, inform valuable customers, support customers in a more direct way and more.

Security, Maintenance & Support

Our goal is to provide a service to our clients that covers all their needs which don’t end when the final product has been delivered. In many cases, after a website has been developed, you might need to update the website or fix issues that may arise and what’s best than having the team which developed your website provide the help and support you need. Even if you opt for an inhouse maintenance, you can always drop us a call to get the help you need.

When you decide to have our team maintain and support your website, you get the following:

  • Server support: The server is where your website is hosted and is basically the computer that makes your website available to the internet. Having your website hosted on a good and reliable server is crucial to its well-being sort of say. Our part in this is tweaking the server so that your website can be fluid (if necessary) and getting in contact with the customer support to solve issues that may arise.
  • Website support and maintenance: If we have developed your website, then you can be certain that we will be there to provide the support and maintenance you need in order to keep your website up to date. If we are not the developers of your website, then we can take a look at your platform, even if it is not built on WordPress, and decide on the best course of action.
  • Security: Although nowadays the usage of SSL protocols is mandatory, there is always the case of malware infection. What happens usually in these cases is that a hacker found a way through your website and has altered files in such a way that give him/her the ability to extract or alter data on your website. In these rare cases, we analyze the files of your website and remove the harmful code that has been injected into your website. After this is done, we employ various security technics to prevent this from happening again. A good SSL certificate with good password protection and anti-spam tools can save you time and money, that is why we always insist to have those features installed on your website.