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  • East Mediterranean Business Culture Alliance
    The East Mediterranean Business Cultural Alliance (EMBCA, Inc.) was established in New York by professionals and scholars, from various backgrounds and expertise, to organize and promote the professional and educational interests of East Mediterranean Americans.
  • Hellenic Film Society USA
    The Hellenic Film Society USA is dedicated to promoting Greek cinema throughout the United States. Our mission is to share the richness of Greek films with a wider American audience, to showcase Greek movies, and to preserve the film heritage of Greece.
  • bZGrill
    BZ Grill is a Greek Restaurant that serves the Best Gyro In NY Since 2005. Its been voted one of the Best Restaurants In Astoria and is located in the epicenter of the Greek community on Astoria Boulevard in the Heart of New York.
  • The Parish of Zoodhos Peghe
    As a Bronx hidden treasure, we passionately serve our Borough and the larger world, opening our portals unconditionally to all.
  • Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce
    The Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce was formed over 70 years ago for the purpose of promoting and strengthening the economic and cultural ties between the United States of America and Greece.
  • Onassis Foundation USA
    Founded in 2000, the Onassis Foundation USA was the first international affiliate of the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation. For over 19 years, it has been dedicated to culture, community, and education, with projects that can effectively inspire social change and justice across borders.
  • Onassis Cultural Center New York
    A four-day festival of arts and ideas to inaugurate our newly renovated Onassis Cultural Center NY: music, dance, talks, films and playful activities for curious minds of all ages.
  • New York City Greek Film Festival
    The mission of the New York City Greek Film Festival is to establish a presence for Greek films in New York City. The festival aspires to bring the best work of Greek filmmakers to New York audiences and to show the films in the most up to date screening facilities.
  • O.Live
    Throughout its long history, olive oil has been used as a beauty “elixir,” with popular experience demonstrating its beneficial effects centuries before it captured the interest of modern researchers. Utilizing its many qualities, O.LIVE created a unique full line of care products featuring olive oil as the main ingredient.
  • Spick And Span
    The Spick and Span has a sophisticated clothing washer and linen , fully harmonized with the clothing management instructions from HCDCP .
  • A&R Nails
    We created a space near the center of Piraeus ... to redefine wellness services and beauty of your limbs as well as facial and body care.
  • 247 Features
    247Features.com is the leading online boutique retailer featuring the top Asian designer brands, fashion trends, unique products, reliable service with absolutely superior value 365 days a year (leap year also counts).

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